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 The History of Lane Cove ALIVE

A.L.I.V.E.       A Living & Inclusive Village Environment


Lane Cove Council is committed to making Lane Cove Village the heart and soul of its community. It has begun a process that will make Lane Cove Village a vibrant place to work, live and play, and has engaged Australia’s leading specialists in town centre and community revitalisation to develop the foundations for the “Lane Cove ALIVE” town centre renewal project.

ALIVE = A Living & Inclusive Village Environment.

We have worked closely with all community members including individuals, businesses and special interest groups to identify actions to ensure future prosperity of the village centre. Your views and concerns are important, and by engaging the Lane Cove community in deciding priorities, “Lane Cove ALIVE” has developed clear actions for creating a sustainable town centre that is responsive to social, economic, community and cultural needs.


A group of ten motivated and dedicated volunteers has been charged with driving and implementing the Lane Cove ALIVE Project, which is an exciting Lane Cove town centre revitalisation project designed to enhance the character and amenity of our Lane Cove Village.

In February, 2006, an independent panel, consisting of Ms Libby Ozinga, of People, Place & Partnerships, the Hon. Kenneth Carruthers QC (Retired Supreme Court Judge), and Council’s General Manager Peter Brown, confirmed appointment of four community and four local business representatives to the “Lane Cove ALIVE Leadership Group”.

Community Representatives selected were: James Berry, a qualified accountant and former senior executive at the Australian Stock Exchange; Jon Johannsen, founding principal of an architectural firm with awards in urban design; Susan O’Neill, active member of several community groups including the Air Quality Consultative Committee for the Lane Cove Tunnel Project and Carole Robinson, a long-time resident of Lane Cove who has a broad work experience including involvement in the planning and environmental co-ordination of major resource projects.

Representatives of local business selected were: Bruce Crowe, who has had a lengthy career in business in senior management as well as being national president of two professional associations; Paul Gibbs, a well-known businessman and commercial property owner with some 20 years experience in Lane Cove; Maria Linders, a well-known, local business operator with expert knowledge of property matters and strata issues and Brent Williams, a local business operator with excellent local business networks.

A youth candidate, aged under 21 years, is now being sought to join the ALIVE Leadership Group to represent the views of young people in the area.

The group will hold its first meeting in March.

Young candidates wishing to nominate for the youth position on the group, should contact Angela Panich by telephoning 9911-3611.

Updated: The LCALG members number ten.  The appointed members  are known as Directors and include Hugh Wallace, representing young local residents and Peter Brown, General Manager of Lane Cove Council.  It should be noted that Peter Brown does not hold an executuve position on this Board.

Background to the Lane Cove ALIVE Project

Council, at it’s meeting of 18 July gave consideration to the following three documents prepared by Consultants, People Place & Partnership and associates.

Lane Cove ALIVE Draft Strategic Action Plan

With plenty of fanfare, including some dancing to bongo drumming, a team of consultants presented the “Lane Cove ALIVE Draft Strategic Action Plan” to Councillors, community members, and businesses at the Ordinary Council meeting on Monday 16th May 2005.

Lane Cove ALIVE Consultant Team

From left: Libby Ozinga and Jo Kelly of People, Place, and Partnership; Gilbert Rochecouste of Village Well; and Crosbie Lorimer of Clouston Associates.

Consultants from People, Place, and Partnership; Village Well; and Clouston Associates provided insight into some of the strategies included in the Action Plan that aims to revitalise the Lane Cove Village.

Some of the recommended changes to the Lane Cove Village include – installing new street signage and lighting, opening up the Plaza entrance, creating cross Plaza walkways, beautifying the shopping laneways, sectioning off café dining areas, relocating the Plaza bandstand within the Village centre and replacing it with a new covered stage area and decorating the Plaza with mosaic tiles, community artwork, a water feature and Lane Cove branding of shops.

Lane Cove Plaza

Crosbie Lorimer of Clouston Associates provided this visual interpretation of how the Lane Cove Plaza might look once the revitalisation process has been completed.

Lane Cove ALIVE Leadership Group

Lane Cove Council will consider revitalising its town centre by turning over the project to an independent body that will be responsible for co-ordinating the project's activities and budget with community and business involvement.

Council wants to develop stronger partnerships with the community and businesses in the Lane Cove Village by involving them directly in the implementation of the ALIVE project.

Lane Cove Village will benefit greatly from a united approach to its revitalisation and so we will seriously consider a proposal to set up a Leadership Group, independent of Council, that will include a cross-section of local residents and business people. It is proposed that these leadership positions be appointed by an independent panel following an application process.

Please refer back to this website for up to date information on how you can get involved in the implementation of the Lane Cove ALIVE project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Lane Cove ALIVE Draft Strategic Action Plan andFrequently Asked Questions regarding the Lane Cove ALIVE Leadership Group are available here.

1. Frequently Asked Questions Lane Cove ALIVE Strategic Action Plan
2. Frequently Asked Questions Lane Cove ALIVE Leadership Group.

Thank you from the Lane Cove ALIVE Team

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Lane Cove ALIVE project by providing written submissions, through attendance at community and business consultations, and through support during the presentation of the Lane Cove ALIVE Strategic Action Plan to the Ordinary Council Meeting on Monday 16th May 2005. We appreciate and are encouraged by the high level of enthusiasm that people have shown for this project. The Lane Cove ALIVE Team is confident that a broad cross section of opinions has been identified regarding future revitalisation of the Lane Cove Village.

Continue checking this web page for future updates on the Lane Cove ALIVE Draft Strategic Action Plan and implementation processes.


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